Welcome! Let me start by saying. I AM JUST LIKE YOU. I worked a 9-5 for a majority of my life and one day decided I needed a change. I needed to find something that represents me and encourages others to be a better version of themselves. My name is Hertz Pierre-Louis. I'm an entrepreneur from Brooklyn, NY based currently out of Dallas Texas. YouTuber, filmmaker, photographer, Vegan influencer and inspirational content creator. Built4Anything was created to spread positivity across the world and influence others to be a better version of themselves. Being able to design a clothing line that represents individuality and comfort is a dream come true. Fashion has evolved so much. It is important to me that I maintain the essence of originality in what Built4anything is. This is only the beginning. I am excited for the future and I thank you all for visiting and look forward to hearing from you all! Don't forget to hashtag #Built4anything on Instagram to be featured! Let's create history!